Greetings in the Lord! 


Is something missing in our worship? David Jeremiah helps us diagnose a common problem in the September 1 reading from his devotional, Sanctuary:

A Pattern of Life

Psalm 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall be continually in my mouth..

It has been said that too many Christians worship their work, work at their play, & play at their worship. What we do on Sundays we call worship... but is it really? For many people the subject of worship is an enigma. They come to services & sing, but they sense that something is missing. They pray & talk with God each day, but they find themselves wondering if perhaps there is something they failed to learn about their life with God.

When you begin to read the Scriptures & study the people of the Old Testament, you cannot read far before you begin to understand that worship was the pattern of their lives. The Lord Himself designed the first worship center. He was very specific; it took seven chapters to describe how he wanted it built. He made it portable & designed it to be a visual aid for the worshiping Israelites. The tabernacle was the center of the encampment of God's people. It was a way of showing that God to be the center of His people in worship as a way of life. Worship is at the top of God's priority list.

Worship only starts in the sanctuary. If we're going to be the Living Sacrifices that Paul talks about in Romans 12:1-2, & if we're going to Love God 1st (as Jesus spelled out in His summary of all the Law), then we'll want to start making worship the pattern for our lives, too. It starts in weekly worship. It'll include regular bible study. And it'll also include personal devotionals at regular times. If you'd like to know about opportunities for Bible study, or if you'd like healing prayer for life issues (physical, emotional, or spiritual), please call the office for more information.



May the Grace & Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ Be With You!
Pastor Bill

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